You May Need These 5 Tips To Buy Crossfit Shoes That Can Be Used For Running

Shoes also become the most important equipment for a runner. The quality of the movement and running performance will be greatly influenced by the suitability of the shoes used during running. They not only affect performance but using the wrong running shoes can also be a cause of falls and injuries while running. Therefore, it is important to choose the right running shoes, especially if your running is also included in high-intensity training, like crossfit. Aside from that, if you’re a woman who enjoys high-intensity crossfit training, then perhaps you must buy the best crossfit shoes women.

Here are 5 tips to choose crossfit shoes that can be used for running;

1. Buy shoes during the afternoon or evening

This first suggestion sounds unique, but there are strong reasons behind it. In the afternoon or evening, the soles of the feet will expand and widen because it has been used to walk all day.

By trying on shoes when our feet are in the widest form, we will not mistakenly buy a small size.

2. Choose a comfortable one

Don’t believe if someone says shoes will loosen by themselves as they are used, because that doesn’t always happen. Choose what makes your feet comfortable since you first use them.

You will spend hundreds of kilometers with those shoes. Imagine how tormenting to go that far with uncomfortable shoes. In addition, the possibility of injury is also greater.

3. Don’t choose the one that is too loose

When you are trying crossfit shoes that can be worn for running, make sure there is a distance as wide as your thumb from the front end of the shoe to the toe. Choose which still has space so that your toes are still free to move.

If you can’t move your toes at all, it’s a sign that you need to choose one size above it.

4. Pay attention to the running track

Crossfit shoes that can be used for running are divided into 3 subcategories based on the running track. First is Road-running shoes, usually intended to run on roads, sidewalks, or maybe on any flat and hard surface.

Secondly, there are trail-running shoes for those who like to run on extreme tracks that go up and down hills filled with rocks, mud, or roots.

Furthermore, cross-training shoes are designed for gym users or Crossfit training.

5. Consider your training methods

There are so many methods to train your body, and some types of training require specific types of equipment or apparel. Therefore, for example, if you’re doing crossfit training, then you definitely need to choose the best shoes for that kind of training, so your training can be done smoothly without any problem due to your own shoes.