You Can Do These 3 Tips To Buy Crossfit Shoes For Exercising At Gym

Using comfortable Crossfit shoes when exercising is very important. Selection of the right sports shoes will be useful to facilitate us in moving and also reduce the risk of injury. When doing fitness exercises at the gym you also cannot ignore the type of shoes you will use, and if you’re a woman, the crossfit shoes women will be a lot more recommended for you. A diverse fitness movement also requires you to continue to adjust the sports Crossfit shoes that you are going to use,

Here are 3 tips for choosing Crossfit shoes for exercising at the gym that you can try:

1. The size of Crossfit Shoes Must Be Fit

Some people feel oversized shoes are more comfortable to use than shoes that fit on the feet. However, in choosing Crossfit shoes, you should choose shoes that fit your feet to make it easier for you to move. These are the characteristics of good crossfit shoes:

It stays comfortable to wear when walking or running. Do not feel immediately satisfied when the shoes are comfortable to wear when you just stand still while trying it.
Your toes can move freely.
It fits when you wear socks that you normally use for the gym.

2. Buy Crossfit Shoes at the Right Time

Buying shoes can not be done at any time. There are some times when your foot doesn’t show its original size. Like in the morning when we have not started activities, usually the feet will show a smaller size. Then after we move all day and make blood circulation in the legs more smoothly, then the foot shows a larger size.

Many health and fashion experts recommend buying shoes in the late afternoon. This is important to note when you want to buy sports shoes because during exercise we will move a lot and of course our feet will not show the smallest size.

3. Adjust Crossfit Shoes with Type of Exercise

Exercise at the gym has a variety of types with different benefits. The choice of sports shoes that are used turns out to also have to be adjusted to the exercise you choose.

Here are some gym exercises along with the selection of the most suitable types of sports shoes:


When lifting weights, you need solid support on the floor. Don’t choose hi-tech shoes with thick soles, you should choose flat-soled shoes so that you are fully resting on the floor.

Cardio and strength training

Cardio and strength training requires that you wear shoes that are flexible but strong enough to be used for leaps and other constant movements. The choice of minimalist cross trainer shoes with wide legroom can be your best choice. The type of cross trainer is also still recommended if you do mixed exercises, such as combining cardio with a little weight training.


If you are a person who only focuses on treadmill training while at the gym, you should make running shoes your choice. Choose shoes that are thin, light, and flexible, which can make you move your feet freely.